Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Junkyard Blues

Over the summer I worked part time at a junkyard I used to work at in FT. Pierce, FL. We had the job of cleaning out am oil sifter. The oil and other liquids drained from cars collect in this pool where the pollutants separate from the water so they can be properly disposed of. Threw my camera in a few plastic bags and took shots until my hands were covered in too much oil to grab the camera. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sea Turtle

Every Summer when I go to the beach I walk a few miles at night looking for sea turtles who come on shore to lay eggs. I was by myself this night and found one just before I was going to turn back. There was no moon this night so it was extremely dark. The images of the sand and nest are about a two minute exposure and the turtle crawling to the water were shot at f/1.4 at 3200 ISO 1.6sec. exposure; explaining the grain and motion. The light coming from down the beach is light pollution. Hopefully I will make it back to the beach to see the eggs hatch.