Thursday, October 20, 2011

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This past summer I bought a GoPro camera, which is a small waterproof camera designed for shooting action sports. I took it fishing a few times and diving with me once. The footage was just sitting on my hard drive so I decided to throw it all together. Shot in Ft. Pierce, FL and Matanilla Shoal, The Bahamas.
Shot and edited by me.
Music: "Here's to now" Ugly Casanova

Garden State Exercise

This image was shot on a plain grey background and I was wearing a plain grey shirt. I found the pattern online and applied it to the background as well as on my shirt. This was an exercise for one of my classes, it turned out to be really fun and interesting. The inspiration was from the movie "Garden State" where there was a photo like this done to Zach Braff. 


These are a start to a series of portraits I am shooting in the studio using the widest aperture as possible, these were shot at f/2.2. I did a lot of manipulation in photoshop to try and practice some new techniques. Overall I color corrected, enlarged eyes and mouths on all three photos, adjusted some aspects of the face and cleaned their overall face. I don't like manipulating photos but this was something I wanted to try. I am going to reshoot these with a ring-flash and now manipulate them. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is one of my friends Nico Porcaro. His father, Jeff Porcaro, was a very famous session drummer in the 70's and 80's, playing drums in TOTO as well as touring with numerous other bands. Nico has been playing drums for the past few years and composes his own music and his trying to follow his fathers legacy. Jeff passed away when Nico was a baby so he never got to know him or really meet him but his father is still his biggest influence in his life.